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1, ventilation intensity - Ventilation strong, warming up quickly. Control the strength of ventilation can be adjusted gate, change the gap of the furnace, artificial blast and so on;

2, change the temperature of the kiln gas into the kiln gas temperature is high, it is conducive to combustion and heating, the use of preheated air can increase the calorific value of the kiln gas, thereby increasing the firing temperature.

3, prevent cold air intrusion into the kiln - cold air intrusion into the kiln, will slow down the heating rate. In order to prevent gas from entering the kiln, the kiln wall should be sealed and the time and frequency of ash removal should be mastered.

4, we should also pay attention to the amount of coal and coal control every time, control the size of coal (coal small air), control of coal feeding time, and master the methods of adding coal etc..

Before the kiln, to determine a heating and cooling curve according to the characteristics of the burning glaze. The distribution of curves is closely related to the following factors:

1, the composition and purity of the blank;

2, the water content of the body into the kiln;

3, the thickness and size of the body, the temperature conductivity of the body;

4, kiln type, structure and capacity, as well as kiln density;

5. The formation and transformation of high temperature crystalline phase and the characteristics of the billet. Medium sized white porcelain firing kiln, the heating speed of about in the following range: dehydration period -- hourly heating 20-40 C, all the way up to 500 DEG C; oxidation period -- hour temperature 50-70 degrees, from 500 to 900 DEG C so far; Vitrified -- hour temperature from 900 DEG C to 25-35 DEG C, about 1350 degrees per hour so far; insulation -- about 5 to 15 DEG C temperature. China's porcelain is generally at about 1320 DEG C firing, but now some areas of porcelain kiln fire temperature actually tends to high temperature sintering temperature development, such as some Hunan porcelain has reached 1410 degrees celsius. Change the following factors, can control the temperature of the kiln.

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